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Crafting the Perfect Obsidian Dice: Achieving an Opaque Finish

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Ah, fellow dice aficionados, we all know the allure of obsidian dice – those pitch-black beacons of mystery that seem to hold ancient secrets within their sleek, glassy surfaces. There’s something intrinsically magical about rolling a set of these beauties during an intense D&D session. But hold up – what if you desire that luxurious, opaque finish on your set of obsidian dice? That ever-desirable matte look that somehow captures the gravity of each roll with a touch of class?

We're not talking about your run-of-the-mill dice that you can nab off any ol' gaming shelf. We're delving into the realm of custom finishes, the kind you'd brag about at your next tabletop gathering. So how do you go from transparent to transcendent with an opaque finish? Buckle up; it's DIY time.

Getting Down To Basics

First things first: safety. You can't enjoy those dice if you've messed up your digits or lungs in the process, right? Make sure you're doing this in a well-ventilated area and are rocking protective gear like gloves and a good respirator mask.

And remember, we're dealing with obsidian – volcanic glass that is about as forgiving as a mimic disguised as a treasure chest. It's brittle and therefore more delicate than other materials. So handle with care (and maybe don’t toss these at your DM no matter how bad that last encounter went).

The Right Tools for an Opaque Vision

Your shopping list should look something like this:

  • Wet/Dry Sandpaper in Various Grits (Start coarse and work your way up)
  • Polishing Compounds (Let's get that sheen on after the mattifying magic)
  • A Solid Workbench (Keep it steady)
  • Microfiber Cloth (You want these babies to be grime-free)
  • A Clean, Soft Brush (Dust is the enemy)

Let's Talk Technique

Now, achieving an opaque finish on obsidian dice is akin to turning water into wine; it requires patience and a bit of finesse.

Step 1: The Coarse Beginning

Start with sandpaper around 600 grit. We're not trying to reshape the die; we just want to scuff up the surface. Wet sanding is key here. You might feel like you're heading back to caveman days by rubbing rocks together, but trust me—this step sets up everything else for success.

"Your movements should be as intentional as choosing your next spell in combat."

Step 2: The Middle Ground

Once you've thoroughly scuffed each die face (yes, all six sides – no cheat codes here), move onto sandpaper around 800-1000 grit for that even surfacing magic.

Step 3: The Final Touches

The last bit of sanding should be done with somewhere north of 2000 grit paper—this is where you start seeing the haze form on the surface of your obsidian dice. Now we're playing in the big leagues.

Step 4: Buffing Up For Greatness

Now here comes my favorite part—the buffering. Grab a soft buffing pad and get some polishing compound on there. Apply it liberally but evenly across each die face. This is where elbow grease meets artistry; keep buffing until each side has a sheen.

Remember our mantra: patience brings crits… or in this case, an opulent matte finish.

Aftermath and Upkeep

After all that hard work (and possibly some choice words), clean off any residue with a microfiber cloth gently caressing those edges like they’re a newborn unicorn foal. Regular maintenance includes keeping them free of dust and storing them away from anything abrasive.


Don’t freak out if they get scratched during use—that’s just character, baby. But if it bugs you, just return to your polish for some touch-up work.

Show Them Off

Now that your set looks like it's fresh out of a dwarven forge presided over by Hephaestus himself, what's left? Proudly display them at your next game night and bask in the envious stares.

For Visual Learners

If reading isn't your preferred learning format, here's a stellar video I found that walks you through the process with some added visual finesse.

The Endgame

Have I lost you in the dust cloud of obsidian particles? Don't sweat it! This isn't supposed to be breezy like picking out snacks for game night; it takes work to achieve this level of perfection. And truthfully, acquiring this particular skill set might add another badge to your armor – 'Master Dice Refinisher' has quite a nice ring to it, right?

So whether you are battening down for hours of meticulously perfecting your dice set, or just keen on diving deeper into specialty dice lore – forge ahead with confidence! Your D&D comrades won't know what hit ‘em when they lay eyes upon those opaque masterpieces.

Eager to show off those matte-black beauties? Got tips or tricks that were game-changers for achieving an opaque finish on your obsidian dice? Drop your stories and photos down below – let’s see what kind of magic we can share among our ranks!

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