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Embracing Simplicity: The Art of Crafting a Minimalist Lifestyle

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Less is More? Heck, That's Easy to Say!

You’ve probably seen those magazine spreads, right? They catch us with their sprawling, spotless living rooms—all matte finishes and the color white having an existential field day. Or maybe you’ve scrolled past the Instagram influencers with their #vanlife, #tinyhome, #IcanliveoffaSpoonfulOfPeanutButterAndSunlight lifestyles. It looks serene, like they’ve cracked the code to a clutter-free life that's also strangely free of any… stuff.

So let's talk about making that minimalism vibe a thing—without chucking all your belongings in a giant bonfire.

First things first: What's minimalism anyway?

In the simplest terms, it’s about trimming the fat off your lifestyle. Let's figure out what you don’t need, what doesn’t serve you, and what’s just taking up space—and I’m not just talking about physical space. We’re looking into mental and emotional square footage too.

Now hold onto your ergonomic office chairs because we're diving deep. We'll chat about how to make your apartment or house feel like that ideal minimalist sanctuary and give you tips on maintaining that fresh vibe even when life wants to pile on more… everything.

The Why Before the How

Before we play Marie Kondo and spark joy by tossing half our wardrobe, let’s talk motive. Why do you want to live with less? Is it for peace of mind? To save money? To tread lighter on Mother Earth?

A Minimalist Mindset Shift

One thing’s clear: this isn’t just about owning fewer things—it's also about owning your reasons. When I started peeling back my layers of consumption (confession: I could open a small boutique with my sneaker collection alone), I realized it was time for a values check.

"Minimalism isn't about removing things you love. It’s about removing the things that distract from what you love."

Mark that quote or tattoo it somewhere because it’s gonna be our map through this terrain.

Cutting Down the Clutter: The Physical Stuff

Let’s break it down—room by room, item by item:

  1. The Living Room

    • Furniture: Do you really need six chairs when four will do the job?
    • Decorations: That vase from Aunt Marge is nice, but does it need company?
    • Electronics: Streamline your tech—maybe all we need is a laptop and a smartphone?
  2. The Kitchen

    • Gadgets: Honestly, how many times have you used that avocado slicer?
    • Tableware: A plate for every possible food group can be overkill.
    • Pantry: Simplify meals by keeping staple ingredients that mix and match well.
  3. The Bedroom

    • Clothes: Build a capsule wardrobe with items that play well together.
    • Furniture: Consider if something doesn't serve a real purpose.
    • Accessories: Keep the necessities; yes, even the sentimental stuff needs scrutinizing.
  4. Everywhere Else

    • Storage: If it’s stored away and forgotten, do you really need it?
    • Miscellaneous: Books, CDs (for those who still have them), knick-knacks—time to edit!

Now this doesn't mean living in an echo chamber (ping ping—"Hey echo!"). It means finding balance. You can have personal touches without making your living space look like an overcrowded souvenir shop.

The Mental Declutter

This part can be trickier than tidying up physical spaces because mental clutter isn't always sitting in plain sight like last year's tax paperwork on your desk (oops).

Say Goodbye to Digital Hoarding

Unsubscribe from those emails – yes, even if there might be a sale in 2099 you could miss out on. Turn off non-essential notifications so your phone isn't constantly buzzing like it had beans for breakfast.

Remember earlier when we talked mindset? Apply that here too:

  • Meditate or find quiet moments
  • Prioritize tasks – not everything has to be done now
  • Learn to say no – FOMO be darned

It's not easy (trust me; I've tried and caved more than once), but freeing up mental space makes room for creativity, focus, and maybe learning something new—like how to not kill that one houseplant…

Emotional Unstuffing

Getting Intentional with Time and Relationships

Whoever said "you can't pick your family" never heard of minimalism because guess what? You can audit those relationships too! Spend time with folks who add value to your life—supportive friends, family members who don't side-eye your life choices, etc.

And when booking your calendar:

  • Choose events/hobbies that align with your interests
  • Dare to spend some time alone—it's underrated!
  • Reflect regularly—are these choices reflecting my minimalist goals?

This step is part meditation part spreadsheet skills because organizing emotional life requires finesse!

Sustainability as a Lifestyle

We’ve seen all sorts of buzzwords thrown around—sustainable this and eco-friendly that—and minimalism leans nicely into this realm. When considering purchases:

  • Quality over quantity—I'd rather splurge on something durable than replace it yearly.
  • Second-hand isn’t second-best—it can also mean second-chance!
  • Reduce waste—recycle or upcycle where possible.

Curating this kind of lifestyle goes beyond buying habits; it sinks into daily routines like transportation choices (biking, anyone?), dietary considerations (veggies galore!), and even how you holiday (slow travel has entered the chat).

Living It Daily

Minimalism is more marathon than sprint; both require preparation but at very different paces. Having a minimalist moment isn’t tough—the challenge is in keeping those principles center-stage day in, day out:

  • Morning routine set in simplicity
  • Work-life boundaries (yes please!)
  • Regular decluttering sessions

Over time though—even amidst sneaky consumerist temptations—we build new habits like muscle memory without all the sweat.

Sure, there were some teething problems when I adopted this lifestyle (hello buyer's remorse – I miss those shoes!). But now? Give me my five must-have items over five hundred 'nice-to-haves' any day.

As we’re wrapping up 2023 in our cozy knitted sweaters (minimalist chic?), remember this journey has no real finish line—it evolves as we evolve. And if somewhere along the line you find yourself eyeing a shiny new gadget or decorative throw pillow that serves zero purpose… Well, no one’s perfect (except maybe those magazine homes).

Let us know how it goes!

We're all in various stages of clearing out our crawl spaces.

So… Are you deep into minimalist living or just tiptoeing around the idea of less being more? Are there treasures in your attic waiting to see daylight or have you been living light for years now?

Drop us a comment below and share where you're at—or where you’re hoping to go—with designing your minimalist lifestyle!

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